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Click the button above to book your zipline adventure tour! Please visit our FAQ page if you have any questions. 

This season, we have three tours for all levels of adventure enthusiasts!

East: The Cannonsburg East Zip Line Tour is perfect for the first time zip liner! Our East Tour includes five zip lines that offer an enjoyable tour complete with speeds that top 30mph over 2000+ft of lines.
Ideal for families and encouraged for those who have never tried zip lining before. $30

West: The Cannonsburg West Zip Line Tour is for adventurous zip liners who are looking for a bit more height, speed, and a bigger adrenaline rush as part of their experience!
With five total zip lines that boast higher and faster lines topping 2500+ft, the West Tour will meet the needs of anyone looking for a bit more advanced action. $30

Full: Experience all ten ziplines – over 5,000ft and speeds pushing 35mph! $50

Quad-Racing Zipline:  The only one of it’s kind in the Midwest available to the public!
Four ziplines, side-by-side, each 800ft long and over 40ft off the ground make an unforgettable experience for guests of all ages!
Reservations are not required, but zips are available on a first-come-first-serve basis.
All participants must sign a waiver. Open 10am-6pm during the summer.

$10 = 1 zip
$20 = 3 zips
$50 = 2 hours of unlimited ziplining!

We ask that all participants on our ziplines weigh between 50-275lbs.