What is The Glowing Forest?

The Glowing Forest is a lighted sensory walk through the forest at Cannonsburg Ski Area. The woods are lit up with multiple light displays that all ages can enjoy.  The walk is roughly ½ mile long, and takes place on a lit dirt path that winds through the trees.

Dates and Hours:

The Glowing Forest will run every Friday and Saturday starting October 8th through October 30th. Friday and Saturday hours are 7pm-10pm. Tickets must be purchased by 9pm the day of. *Please note that there still might be a small wait with reservations.

Oct 8th - 7pm -9pm

Oct 9th - 7pm -10pm

Oct 15th - 7pm - 10pm 

Oct 16th - 7pm - 10pm

Oct 22nd - 7pm -10pm

Oct 23rd - 7pm - 10pm

Oct 29th - 7pm -10pm

Oct 30th- 7pm-10pm

Oct 29th - 7pm-10pm 

Oct 30th - 7pm - 10pm

Oct 31st- 7pm-10pm


General admission tickets are $15 online. Tickets are available on-site until 9:30pm.

How should I dress?

The Glowing Forest happens in all weather conditions, so dress appropriately for the weather! Keep in mind you will be waiting outside, and temperatures drop in the evening. We advise lots of layers and comfortable shoes that are good for walking. We recommend bringing hats and mittens. There will be fire pits to gather around while waiting along with warm drinks and snacks available for purchase.

What are the ages for The Glowing Forest? 

The Glowing Forest is fun for all ages. The forest is dark, but the entire path is lit from overhead lights and displays. The path is rambling and on uneven terrain, so please make sure that your child can walk 1/2 mile...or be carried!