Mountain Minnies

Mountain Minnies Cannonsburg



Introducing the Mountain Minnies!

The Mountain Minnies is a winter adventure team for girls ages 2-5. The program is designed to get girls outside and having fun in the snow!  The Mountain Minnies will be out and about all winter long sledding, practicing balance on spooner boards, riding up the magic carpet, going on adventure hikes, drinking hot chocolate and more! Each session is one hour long and will have a different theme each week, incorporating sports, science, fairy tales, and a mandatory hot chocolate break 🙂






Each class is one hour long and is $20 per session. Please register early, as each session is capped at ten Mountain Minnies. You can register online for a single or multiple sessions here:

If a session is full, email to be placed on a waiting list.


Parent Participation:

The Mountain Minnies are independent, adventurous, and fierce but let’s face it,  every now and then it’s nice to wave at mom and dad in-between winter adventures. Since each session is only an hour long we recommend that a parent or family member remain on-site. While the Mountain Minnies are off on one of their winter adventures, you’ll be able to have lunch by the fireplace up in the Cedar Lounge Restaurant.



The Mountain Minnies will meet in the Bear Creek room. The closest entrance is on the West side of the lodge. We ask that you arrive 15 minutes early to meet the instructors and check-in your Mountain Minnie! Please bring a driver’s license or passport for the check-in process. Pick-up will be in the same location as drop-off. Please arrive 5 minutes ahead of time to make sure that you are there waiting for your Mountain Minnie. They will be ready to tell you about their winter adventures!


Should my Mountain Minnie be potty-trained? 

The short answer is yes! We realize that the Mountain Minnies are young, and that accidents will happen, but keep in mind that the Mountain Minnies will be outside and away from the bathroom for a full hour.


What happens if the weather isn’t cooperating?

Our number one priority is keeping the Mountain Minnies safe and warm. If it’s too cold outside we will have winter adventures indoors! We will find plenty of adventures inside and have a full list of indoor activities to keep the Mountain Minnies busy!



December 23rd: Frozen

Session #1: 11am-12pm

Session #2: 1pm-2pm

The Mountain Minnies will be at the base of the ski hill building a snow castle, practicing balance on spooner boards, decorating Olaf, and going on an adventure hike. We will finish the day having a hot chocolate party in our snow castle with frozen themed cupcakes! Will this be the best day ever? We think so!!!


December 30th: New Year, New Adventures

Session #1: 11am-12pm

Session #2: 1pm-2pm

The Mountain Minnies will kick off 2018 with a hot chocolate toast and New Year parade around the ski hill. Everyone will hear us coming because we’ll be making lots of noise with whistles and other noise makers. Other activities will be decorating a snowman with glitter and paint, sledding, and going on a New Year adventure hike!


January 6th & 7th: Winter Olympics

Session #1: 11am-12pm

Session #2: 1pm-2pm

LET THE GAMES BEGIN! The Mountain Minnies will participate in various Olympic sports including bobsledding (sledding), snowboarding (using riglet boards), and riding strider bikes with ski attachments! Be sure to cheer us on during our Olympic walk followed by hot chocolate and cookies.


January 13th & 14th: Science and Snow

Session #1: 11am-12pm

Session #2: 1pm-2pm

The Mountain Minnies will go on a winter scavenger hunt, create snow paint, and make a mural in the snow. Afterwards we’ll play a game of “jump around” between different colored snow circles followed by hot chocolate to warm up.  


January 20th & 21st: Winter Olympics part 2

Session #1: 11am-12pm

Session #2: 1pm-2pm

LET THE GAMES BEGIN Part 2! The Mountain Minnies will participate in a winter relay, go sledding, practice balancing on spooner boards and work on a snow dance routine. Be sure to come on out and cheer for us during our Olympic performance. We will finish off the day with hot chocolate and olympic themed cookies inside the lodge!


Feb 10th & 11th: Be Mine, Valentine

Session #1: 11am-12pm

Session #2: 1pm-2pm

The Mountain Minnies will go on a scavenger hunt searching for cupid and then make Valentine snow art. Afterwards they will practice balance on spooner boards and finish with hot chocolate and Valentine’s Day cookies.


Feb 24th: Aladdin

Session #1: 11am-12pm

Session #2: 1pm-2pm

The Mountain Minnies will go on a treasure hunt searching for Aladdin’s hidden treasure followed by a magic carpet ride up the ski hill. Afterwards we will go sledding and practice balance on the spooner boards. The Mountain Minnies will finish up the day with hot chocolate and Aladdin themed sugar cookies!



The Mountain Minnies will be outside for the majority of each session so please plan accordingly. We recommend a warm coat, snow bibs or pants, hat, warm mittens or gloves, boots and warm under clothes. The more layers the better!!!

*Please note that this program does not offer lessons on how to ski or snowboard. Instead the program’s purpose is to teach the building blocks that come before lessons. ie: balancing on spooner boards, riding the magic carpet etc. The goal of the Mountain Minnies is to empower girls in snow sports and get them outside having fun.

“And though she be but little, she is fierce”  -Shakespeare-