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The Mountain Minnies is a winter adventure team for girls ages 3-5. The program is designed to get girls outside and having fun in the snow!  The Mountain Minnies will spend the winter sledding, practicing balance on spooner boards, going on adventure hikes, playing games, drinking hot chocolate and more! Each session is one hour long and will have a different theme each week, incorporating sports, science, fairy tales, and a mandatory hot chocolate break!

Mountain Minnies

$30 Per Session




Each class is one hour long and is $30 per session. Please register early, as each session is capped at 14 Mountain Minnies. You can register online (for a single or multiple sessions).


Parent Participation:

The Mountain Minnies are independent, adventurous, and fierce but let’s face it,  every now and then it’s nice to wave at mom and dad in-between winter adventures. Since each session is only an hour long we recommend that a parent or family member remain on-site. While the Mountain Minnies are off on one of their winter adventures, you’ll be able to have lunch by the fireplace up in the Cedar Lounge Restaurant.



The Mountain Minnies will meet in the Bear Creek room. The closest entrance is on the West side of the lodge. We ask that you arrive 15 minutes early to meet the instructors and check-in your Mountain Minnie! Please bring a driver’s license or passport for the check-in process. Pick-up will be in the same location as drop-off. Please arrive 5 minutes ahead of time to make sure that you are there waiting for your Mountain Minnie. They will be ready to tell you about their winter adventures!


Should My Mountain Minnie be Potty-Trained?

The short answer is yes! We realize that the Mountain Minnies are young, and that accidents will happen, but keep in mind that the Mountain Minnies will be outside and away from the bathroom for a full hour. We’ll do a bathroom roll call before we head outside but it helps if parents check too!

What happens if the weather isn’t cooperating?

Our number one priority is keeping the Mountain Minnies safe and warm. If it’s too cold outside we will have winter adventures indoors! We will find plenty of adventures inside and have a full list of indoor activities to keep the Mountain Minnies busy!


The Mountain Minnies will be outside for the majority of each session so please plan accordingly. We recommend a warm coat, snow bibs or pants, hat, warm mittens or gloves, boots and warm under clothes. The more layers the better!!!

*Please note that this program does not offer lessons on how to ski or snowboard. Instead the program’s purpose is to teach the building blocks that come before lessons. ie: navigating around the base of the hill, learning the names of the runs, and doing warm-up and cool-down exercises.  The goal of the Mountain Minnies is to empower girls in snow sports and get them outside having fun.

Mountain Minnies Schedule

January 7th: Welcoming Winter!

Session #1: 10am-11am

Session #1: 11:45am-12:45pm

The Mountain Minnies will be welcoming winter and the new year by building their own snowmen & snow sculptures outside. For the first time ever, we will be testing a magic snow paint that only works at Cannonsburg! After our creative adventure we will head inside to have some hot coco and design a snowman cookie!


January 14th: Once Upon a Mountain Minnie… 

Session #1: 10am-11am

Session #2: 11:45am-12:45pm

Cancelled due to weather


January 21st:  A Frozen Adventure - Elsa & Anna’s Scavenger Hunt!

Session #1: 10am-11am

Session #2: 11:45am-12:45pm

Some of Cannonsburg’s good friends, Elsa & Anna, are paying us a visit! However, they didn't know the trails and got lost! Now, it’s up to the Mountain Minnies to rescue them! The Minnies will use their expert outdoor knowledge and a compass to follow the clues Elsa & Anna have left! After they are rescued, the Minnies will be able to design their own snowflakes! Then, we will enjoy hot cocoa and cookies all the way from Arendale, Elsa & Anna’s home.


January 28th: Minnies Save the Day!

Session #1: 10am-11am 

Session #2: 11:45am-12:45pm

Cannonsburg is in trouble and we need the Minnies to help save the day! Our little super heroes will be testing their strength and bravery by maneuvering through our super obstacle course and capturing the villain's flag! Once we save Cannonsburg, we will go for a short spin in the tubes! Our heroes will then enjoy some hot cocoa and cookies, while celebrating the victory with a dance party!


February 4th: The Minnie Olympics

Session #1: 10am-11am 

Session #2: 11:45am-12:45pm

Every year Cannonsburg gets the opportunity to host the Minnie Olympics! This year we will be having team relay races, jumping competitions, and snowball throwing! The Minnies will start off by stretching and warming up their muscles, then we will head outside to start the games. After the Minnies participate in a series of games, we will head inside to decorate banners and refuel with hot cocoa and cookies!


February 11th: Will you be my Minnie-tine?

Session #1: 10am-11am 

Session #2: 11:45am-12:45pm

This week the minnies will be celebrating Valentine's Day! Before we can make our special Valentine’s Day cards, we have to search for the three hearts cupid dropped around Cannonsburg. The Minnies will venture into the outdoors to search for the missing hearts. The Minnies will need to follow different clues and directions in order to find the hearts! Once the hearts are recovered, we can head inside to create our own special heart cards. The Minnies will share their love for friends, family, and adventuring! We will wrap up the session with cookies and hot cocoa!


February 18th: Minnie Baking Extravaganza

Session #1: 10am-11am

Session #2: 11:45am-12:45pm

The Minnies will be testing their creativity and baking skills this week at Cannonsburg! We will begin our challenge outside where we will have to gather different ingredients to make “snow cookies”. One of the instructors will bring the ingredients inside to start the baking process. While the cookies bake, the Minnies will play a few games and go for a spin in the tubes. Once the cookies are done, the Minnies will be able to put their own frosting and sprinkle design on the cookie! Then, we will end with a cookie eating party and hot cocoa!


February 25th: Safari Scavenger Hunt

Session #1: 10am-11am

Session #2: 11:45am-12:45pm

The Minnies will need to rescue three of our animal friends who have gotten lost in the woods. These animals are from warm areas so we must find them fast! We will use compasses and clues to figure out where our friends have gone. Once we find them, the Minnies will get to celebrate with a spin in the tubes, cookies, and hot cocoa! This week the Minnies will also get to create a new species of animal with marshmallows and toothpicks! 

March 3rd: The Minnies Are Ready For Spring

Spring is coming to visit the minnies soon! The minnies will head on an adventure outdoors and through the woods. We will try to find all the colors of the rainbow to show that season is almost here! We will head inside and draw the rainbow colors we found and enjoy cookies and hot cocoa.

March 10th: Minnie Leprechaun Hunt

For our final adventure, we will embark on a hunt to find the sneaky leprechaun! We will follow the trail of gold glitter and gold coins he left behind. When we find him, we will head inside and celebrate with green cookies and hot cocoa. Afterwards, we will have a final dance party celebrating the winter season!