Lara & Sparkles

I run with my dogs Henryk and Sparkles in events throughout the Midwest. I’ll be running with Sparkles in the Canicross race at Cannonsburg. Sparkles is an 8 year old German Shepherd who has run many races. She enjoys outdoor activities like camping, hiking and running. We run as a team because it gives us the opportunity to explore different trails, meet new people and most of all- have fun. I’m a North American Canicross Ambassador for Southwestern Michigan and a member of GLSDA, ISDRA and the Mid-Union Sled Haulers (MUSH). I'm proud to be a part of the first Canicross race held at Cannonsburg!

Erika & Magda

My dog Magda is named after ultrarunner Magdalena Boulet, she is a rescue that was rehomed to an ultrarunner friend in Houghton, where she ran on an eight acre farm.  Madga is a Whippet/Labrador mix, which is also called Whipador.  She loves running free, chasing and playing, and sprint trains with me.  Her silly, playful spirit brings us so much joy, and I give her hugs every day.

Erika & Lola

Lola is a 3 year old Hungarian Vizsla and is the official ski patrol dog of Cannonsburg Ski Area. She received her therapy dog certification in January 2022 and has been helping the patrol by providing love and comfort to injured patrons of Cannonsburg ever since. When she’s not helping the patrol, she loves to mountain bike and run with her human Erika, and in fact is only the 2nd dog ever to run the full official Grand Rapids Marathon course and earn a medal! This will be Lola’s first canicross event, and she is very much looking forward to it!

Theresa & Buddy-Waffles

To prepare for an upcoming half marathon, I thought the Cannonsburg Canicross would be a great way to bring some fun into my routine and mix it up with a trail run. What really caught my eye was being able to show off my favorite running Buddy whose name is Buddy-Waffles! My husband and I rescued Buddy a couple of years ago and soon realized, this guy needed regular exercise to burn off energy! Running together was a great way to do that and I think Buddy agrees since he smiles throughout every run. Whenever I am thinking about skipping a workout, Buddy is right there with his big cartoon eyes holding the leash in his mouth, ready to go!

Amanda, Lucy, & Kazu

I’ll be running with my 10 year old shiba “diva”, Lucy, and my 11 year old recently blind Shiba Inu, Kazu! These adventure pups have done it all! But with our recent transition into disability with Kazu, we work on family outings to maintain his sense of adventure and independence! Please help us out by cheering on Kazu and helping him find his way to the sweet finish line pup cup!

Rebecca & Sebastian

Sabastian is a 5 year old rescue puppy who is thrilled to be running the Canicross 5K Fun Run at Cannonsburg on April 16, 2023!
Sabastian is a very special boy who was born with a special paw that doesn’t slow him down!  He absolutely loves running the trails with both his puppy and human friends!
The trails are very therapeutic for Sabastian both physically and mentally and he can’t wait to see everyone there!
Although Sabastian has participated in other 5K runs this will be his first official 5K trail run!!

Jen & Hazel

Meet Hazel.  She is my younger German Shorthaired Pointer and we’ll be participating in the canicross event.  Hazel is always up for an adventure and loves to run!  Over the past couple years we have done several races and even a few obstacle courses.  I am very excited to be able to participate in this canicross specific event!  Let’s help this sport continue to grow!

Mary Jane & Rose

Hi I’m Mary Jane Schroeder and this is Rose my seven year old Golden who loves to trail run with me!  While neither one of us is very fast we love to be on the trails!  Rose has a love for running that equals my own!  She is my BFF!  You can find us quite often with our friends Sebastian & Rebecca and Jesse & Moncho who will also be running their first canicross.

Swenja & Remy

Remy and I are excited to be a part of Cannonsburg’s first canicross race. Remy is a 4 year old goldendoodle who loves hitting the trails or going on any outdoor adventure. Remy’s excitement for the trails is something that makes my heart happy, it’s our special place. When Remy’s not exploring the great outdoors, he likes to spend time playing with his little brother Yogi and looking over the other family members.

Emily & Charlie, Eric & CJ

Meet the VanTol Pack: Charlie and CJ are 18 month Australian Shepherds. Charlie is a Red Merle Aussie and loves the wind, rain, snow, mud, and water. He jumps head first into rivers, creeks, lakes, and swimming pools without hesitation. He gets the zoomies, sploots, and does the frog-dog. CJ is a Red Tri Aussie.  He is more cautious and often carries an old shoe of his human around in his mouth for comfort. He craves physical affection. Touch is his love language. Both pups share a mutual love for running.

Alicia, Mister BoJangles & River

My name is Alicia! My canicross team are two Australian cattle dogs, Mister BoJangles (9yr) with the blue muzzle and River(6yr). We are very excited about our first race together and our first Canicross 5K at Cannonsburg. We are an adventurous team that enjoys trail running, hiking, backpacking and camping.

Gabrielle & Luna

For this adventure, I will be running with my partner in crime, Luna. Luna's an 8-year-old Aussie/Heeler mix, and we've been hiking, trail running, frisbee catching, and all things outdoors together since 2016.  Luna's a busy body like me - we keep each other entertained! We have run a few 5ks together, but this one will be extra special, running it with so many new faces and friends. We will be cheered on by my husband, our 10-month-old daughter, and the other fur child, Lucas.

Crystina & Kyra

Meet Kyra! She is an 8 year old Siberian Husky who is the most non-traditional husky you’ve ever met. What she lacks in vocals and howls she makes up in kisses and cuddles. She loves to wrestle, play fetch, swim any day she can, and is obsessed with Steak. We have run 5K’s before but this will be our first Canicross event and we are so excited to try it out! When we are not running on trails we are hiking, exploring dog friendly events and stores around GR, and relaxing on our porch together.

Karen & Forest

Though we are not “runners”, or at least I’m not, we love to adventure and try things together. Forest is my 4 year old Border Collie athlete who is down for anything. He loves Flyball, FastCAT, Toss & Fetch, hiking and long walks on the beach. I will do just about anything for this pup - including the Cannonsburg Canicross.

Kaitlin & Zyndee

Zyndee is a 3-year-old Australian Sheppard rescue who loves running. She came to us at 1.5 years old from a family who couldn't keep up with her need for activity. We have bonded over our love of running and she is the perfect companion out on the trails. We're both a little out of shape after the winter, but looking forward to our first canicross race to help jumpstart our spring training into gear.

Jim & Bear

Bear has learned to be the Alpha runner even though Jim has competed in many marathons. Bear will not be outdone when it comes to winning between him and Jim. Jim has learned to pace behind Bear to minimize wind resistance and optimize pace as Bear usually pulls Jim. Bear and Jim find running to be a stress relief, energy burning and bonding as they spend most days together at Your Pets Naturally GR.


After many arguments with my mother about adventuring alone in the woods. Our family set out on a journey to find the perfect adventure pup and luckily discovered our mixed breed Labrador Retriever. It was love at first sight. What a great match! When this 4 year old adventure doggo isn’t living her best life trail running, swimming, hiking, camping, paddle boarding, surfing, or playing in the snow she is busy guarding the garden from pesky squirrels. Hoping to add Canicross to the long list of fun activities we can enjoy together. Looking forward to stretching our legs with a little mile fun run. Here’s hoping she can focus.

Alyssa & Cappy

My name is Alyssa McElheny and my running partner’s name is Cappy. She’s a lab/springer/border collie mix and she loves to run. Her preference is off-leash trail running but she’ll take what she can get. What she lacks in brains she makes up for in speed. Will run for food - both human and dog.

Skylar & Raylan

Raylan is an almost two year old Miniature Australian Shepherd. He loves running around the equine clinic I work at and riding in the vet truck with me, but this will be his first ever race! I've always enjoyed running and decided he should start coming with me! He is no stranger to long walks and has picked it up like a champ (although I'm not very fast :p). Despite his moments of high energy he is mostly a very chill pup - we're excited to be doing Canicross together!!

Hannah & Winston

Winston is my loyal and enthusiastic canine partner who accompanies me on my outdoor adventures. We share a passion for dog sports, including Agility, Flyball, World Wide K9 Disc League, Barn Hunt, and Canine Performance Events. Winston's athleticism and intelligence make him a natural competitor in these events, and together we've trained and competed, pushing ourselves to new heights. He’s won numerous awards and accolades, including the coveted title of “West Michigan’s Dog Of The Year”. Whether we're running through an agility course or chasing down a flying disc, Winston and I are always striving to achieve our best and have fun doing it.

Sierra & Barrett

Barrett and I are very excited to participate in Cannonburg’s Canicross race! This is our second 5k together. I’ve always been a runner but I’m new to long distance. Running has become a super fun way to bond with my boy and get some exercise! When we aren’t running we go on lots of hikes with his little golden sissy, Bettie, who is still too young to join our runs.