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Parent Participation:
The Adventurers are independent, curious, and fierce but let’s face it, every now and then it’s nice to wave at mom and dad during an adventure. We recommend that a parent or family member remain on-site. While the Adventurers are out exploring, you’ll be able to hang out on the deck and get a treat and a drink from The Sweet Spot!

Check in:

Comfy, close toed shoes make for the best adventure gear! You may also want a water bottle and sun protection like; sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses. We will be outside so dress for the weather. Please leave all games and phones at home!

Should my Adventurer be potty trained?
The short answer is yes! We realize that the Adventurers are young, and that accidents will happen, but keep in mind that the kids will be outside and away from the bathroom for a full hour. We’ll do a bathroom roll call before we head outside but it helps if parents check too!

What happens if the weather isn't cooperating?
Our number one priority is keeping the Adventurers safe. If it’s storming outside we will have a Summer adventure indoors! We will have a full list of indoor activities to keep the kids busy!