Harness Requirements

"The dog(s) wear a non-restrictive, free-motion harness that attaches to a bungee cord or elastic line...The line must be the minimum of five feet in length and not exceeding nine feet when fully extended. The human teammate is attached to the dog(s) by a hands-free waist belt." -North American Canicross Handbook

No specific brand of harness is required. The harness your dog wears must allow for free movement and not restrict them in anyway. Essentially, no collar and standard leash set ups will be allowed in the Competitive 5K. Harnesses are also highly recommended for the Fun Run races. This is all for the safety of the dogs and humans.

Race Rules and Safety Guidelines 

  • All dogs must remain on a leash at all times. While racing, dogs may be on a leash up to 9 feet long. Before and after racing, dogs must be on a leash no longer than 3 feet.
  • There will be a strict "NO GREET" policy with all dogs present. This is for the safety of all guests. We ask all attendees to refrain from petting dogs that aren't their own and to not let their dogs meet other dogs present.
  • Racers will be required to pick up after their dogs. Bags and trash cans will be available to use.